Back to work!!!

Off and running... finally.
Last Wednesday I did a reconnaissance ride to the Laval Metro stations. The idea was to figure out routes and distances... also to make sure the Supercycle was up to the challenge. Everything seemed in order and I was more than ready. The next morning Julie offered to drive me to work, fearing I would have some sort of mechanical failure with the ever so dependable Supercycle.
She told me she had dreamed I had a flat tire on my way to work.
"I checked everything sweetheart, no worries."
My first ride to the Metro went without incident. I did have to get used to the dark bicycle path, morning critters and the odd snowbank... over all no problem. On my return however... you guessed it... FLAT TIRE!!!. (Julie has to learn to dream more precisely) The flat was no fault of the Supercycle... sometimes a flat is just a flat. (20lbs extra doesn't help) Spare check, tools check, pump... pump?"F***!"
I made the dreaded call and Julie came to the rescue with a grin that clearly meant "I told you so" even if she didn't.

Since then I have done 100 km without incident.
Once I get back in riding shape... I look forward to taking the Scrambler on a nice long ride. (with a pump!)


BT Humble said...

Do you find that for the first week of the riding season you persistently have Willie Nelson's "On the Road Again" playing in your head?

No? Me either. ;-)


Urbainxavier said...

More like the Rocky Balboa theme... Huffing & puffing up the stairs...

Maria said...

Happy holidays to all your blog readers!