After all... it's only a Supercycle...

Summer has come and gone.
I spent the better part of it with my newborn son... so the Supercycle and the Scrambler spent most of it in the basement.
Seven weeks and **lbs later... (**= mystery weight) I went back to work. For about a month now the Supercycle has reinserted itself nicely in the daily commute. I ride about 12k and leave it at the Metro (subway if you prefer) for the day. I have never had to worry about it not being there upon my return in the evening. After all... it's only a Supercycle...

September 16th 2008: The case of the unlocked Supercycle.

I arrived that morning like I do every morning... slightly out of breath looking at my watch to see if I was on time for the 5:55 am Metro. I pulled into the bike rack and riffled thru my back pack for my keys and my bike lock. You know when you realize something and in an instant you process all the information and know there is only one solution. I realized I had forgotten my bike lock at home and would have to leave the Supercycle unlocked all day... unprotected from those who may wish it harm. I had no choice... no time... no other alternative. My initial feeling was that if it wasn't there when I came back in the evening... the Scrambler would take it's place as a commute bike and a new fancier bike would join the family. (talk about the body not even being cold yet)

The rest of the morning went as usual... with the occasional thought going to the unlocked situation... but I did not stress over it. At lunch time I went for a walk and started to think about how I had not written on the bike blog in a long time. I thought about how this could make an interesting story... among all those other stories I had written... a lot of them about the Supercycle... good ole Supercycle... you know the one that started the whole thing. The famous trip to Mont Laurier, the many repairs, changes and modifications you had made. You Know... YOU'RE FRIEND!!

Ok... maybe I kinda hoped it was still there... "Snif"
The afternoon seemed to go quite slowly... "I'm sure it will be fine..."
It just dragged on... "Please be still there".
The 37 min. Metro ride seemed like an 1 hour..."Come on!!!"
Who wants a transmogrified hybrid Supercycle anyhow? ... "I do!!"

As I came out of the Metro and walked up the stairs (ok... almost running)
I went out threw the spinning door... immediately headed to the bike rack only to find the Supercycle....

Still there? "What the F***!!!"

What... my bike is not good enough for you? You think it's a piece of s**t!
I will have you know that this piece of S**T! bike has done more than many other... "It's not a piece of S**t!!!"

I rode home that night confused, embarrassed, not knowing how I should feel. "Is this what love feels like?"


BT Humble said...

Awww - that was touching!

(And more than a little bit disturbing, to tell the truth!) ;-)


Anonymous said...

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Madisyn said...

Some good information here. I've enjoyed many of your recent posts.

Anonymous said...

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