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Jedi Master?

I awoke at 9:45 to a beautiful sunny day... looking forward to a nice ride. Julie also had the day off... and she seemed to have plans of her own. (as girlfriends tend to do) She wanted to spend the day with me... doing something woodsy requiring lots of walking... completely non bicycle related. After some discussion and suggesting that a drive up north on a Friday may not be the best idea traffic wise... we came to the conclusion that a nice bike ride would do me some good. (old Jedi mind trick)

I actually managed a 70km ride in the west Island, went shopping & was sitting back on the couch having a beer by 5:30 pm... while Julie was cooking dinner. (Jedi Master)

Actually... Julie is very supportive of my cycling & I love her dearly for it.

I've also promised to cook dinner at one point this week end...


Need motivation... again

I had Julie's car for the last 3 days... got kinda used to it. Tomorrow I'm off once again. It's supposed to be nice... yet cycling is not first on my list. Sleeping in, not showering, watching "the Price is Right"... would appear to be at the top. I need motivation... again.



Unexpected but good

Last night before going to bed I checked the weather forecast. It was not good... 60 to 70 percent chance of rain with 20 to 24 mm to come in the next 24 hours. A nice ride on my day off seemed unlikely. Lately the weather has not cooperated at all in this area. So off to bed without setting the alarm... with plans of sleeping in and having a completely non productive day. I awoke at 9:30 am to an unusually bright bedroom. As I peered outside with pillow marks still stamped to my face, I saw a beautiful, sunny, not a cloud in the sky day. I checked the forecast again on Meteo Media (they always get it wrong... but anyway) It was 20 Celsius outside. The rain would only come in the afternoon. I would like to say I was out the door in 15 minutes... but that would be a lie. It was still my day off... and when you've geared yourself to be lazy all day... you can't just get "unlazy" in 15 minutes. So I left at 11:00 am... well no... actually 11:30 am. (I went to Second Cup first... good muffins) When I finally got going... I was bitching and moaning about how windy it was... but motivation came in the way of an old plan. Mission Impossible anyone? I actually found a slightly different route and shaved 9km of the trip. (68km instead of 77km, lazy... remember?)

I had a bit of rain upon my return... but overall a good ride... unexpected but good. I will take what I can get.


You can smell it...

I'm still not quite recovered from my cold... (coughing up some nasty stuff) I still however commute to work every day. My nose has returned & has begun to smell that smell in the evenings...that fall smell... you know the one.
I gingerly prepare myself for my first winter as a cyclist. I ask myself this question... will I be able to continue cycling this winter? I know that my day trips are drawing to an end. I know that the bicycle paths in Montreal close on November 1st. I know it can also snow here... from time to time... ok all the time.
I was in unknown territory last spring when I began this odyssey, but I had some other cyclists to guide me threw the basics. The winter months belong to a select few... will I be one of them?
I may not know exactly what I'm in for, but I have begun to make purchases.
I got one of those fancy coats that breathes and stuff. I used it to go to Granby. Waterproof yes... but not for ever. This was the same coat I was sweating & freezing in. (could have been the fever)
The darkness in the mornings made me get a rear blinking light... ok... everybody else had one... I wanted one too. My hands where cold... needed some gloves... it's October... figured I would get in the spirit. I still have many other things to get. The thought of not cycling for 3 to 4 months does not sit well with me. The suggestion of a stationary bike is just depressing. I will attempt the winter... I have experience to acquire... but an honest effort to attain it will be done. At the first sight of ice or snow I will not shy away. I will however humbly ask the Supercycle for it's help... if it will have me.


Hot & Cold... with talking cows.

Friday evening Julie said I had a fever & perhaps I should reconsider my trip... but she left the decision up to me & would support me either way. I loaded up on pills and cough syrup before going to bed, hoping I would wake up miraculously healed.
The next morning I felt... sort of kinda better. (not really... but I wanted this last trip)
The forecast called for rain in the afternoon and a high of 15c.

-I believed I could get to Granby before the rain started.
-I believed the daytime cold medicine would work.
-I believed that 110km would be a piece of cake.

I also now believe that cold medicine can make you believe in just about anything.

I left at 7:00 am and for the first 55 km everything seemed to work in my favor. (the weather & the pills) Sometime after that however I began to sweat... allot. I was drenched and felt dizzy. I emptied my gatorade and popped some more pills. For a time everything seemed to fall back into place.
Then I stopped to take a picture of some cows by the side of the path, most of them where lying down (that means rain). I also believe that some of them where trying to speak to me. (that means fever) A slight drizzle began & I was now getting cold. I figured if I rode harder for a bit it would warm me up. The drizzle became rain, steady non relenting rain. I now know that it is possible to sweat & freeze all at once. I discovered that Granby was 10km further than my original estimate & the fine town of Farnham decided to encourage cycling tourism by laying down new gravel on their bike paths... 4 inches thick of the stuff. The tears on my face were kinda warm. When I arrived at Granby, I put on a (fake) smile & asked a woman wearing a poncho walking her dog for directions to the hotel. " OH!?... that's way on the other side of town... no where near the bike path... you could take a taxi?" An ambulance was more my train of thought. I rode another 6km to the hotel. (126km total) After a bath, some beer , a nap & Julie's arrival... things seemed better. Sometime later that evening at the Cage aux Sports, after the Canadiens loss in overtime... I decided to return home with Julie the following day. The Scrambler (who's performance was beyond reproach) safely tucked in the back of the minivan.

I did however go apple picking the next day...



This is it... my last big trip of 2007. The Scrambler appears ready for the challenge & so do I. Over the last 2 weeks I have adjusted to changing weather conditions & increased my distances. The trip consists of over 230 km during 2 days, the promise of a Cage aux Sports, a motel & a nice warm body upon my arrival in Granby. I can't wait... (for the trip)

Ok maybe the other stuff too...



With a long week-end coming up... there is an itch that needs to be scratched. Perhaps some sort of voyage to a far off land.
The new link in the sidebar may be a clue.
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