I will be attempting...

After spending the last four months in winter purgatory... spring has finally arrived.
I have used my winter months wisely...

Julie is expecting my first Child. (what else are you going to do on a cold winter night?)
We bought a house in Laval which we spent the last 2 months renovating & moving.
I have worked very hard on gaining about 18lbs. ( is was actually not that hard at all)

But now... it's time to get serious... get back on the Supercycle.
(of course it made the move.)

Time has become an enemy as well as the gigantazaur amount off snow which has fallen in Montreal this year. Technically bicycle paths open on April 1st. Snowmobiler's in Laval have not been informed apparently.

I will be attempting a commuting test run within the next few days... oh wait... mmmm something smells good in the kitchen... Julie must be cooking. Got to go.

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BT Humble said...

You're a lot tougher than me!

By the way, I've moved my website to http://www.humbletown.org/budgetbike/