Slow recovery...

The Scrambler has joined the Supercycle in inactivity. My ribs are still very sore. I have thought of trying to ride but... just getting up in the morning is very painful. I work in a nursing home and have asked many nurses "how long?". They all say it could be weeks. So it is very likely that the Scrambler will be put away for the winter & the Supercycle will have the job of helping me back on the road when I feel up to it.

I have no idea if the ribs are bruised or cracked. Spending 3 to 5 hours for an x-ray (only to be told that there is nothing to do) is not on my list of priorities right now. I use the hopping up & down test. (hop up & down & see if it hurts... duh) When I can do it with an acceptable amount of pain... I will start to ride.


BT Humble said...

Hey Xavier, glad to hear that you didn't leave too much of yourself on the street.

Based on my personal experiences, if your ribs are bruised you'll have some discomfort, less flexibility, and soreness if you try to do anything with the arm on the affected side.

However if your ribs are *cracked*, you'll be holding on to them ith one hand while you walk and experiencing deep feelings of dread whenever you need to sneeze or cough. Getting in and out of bed will be a painful ordeal. You might also notice that part of your ribcage has become indented on one side (I can send you a picture if you like!) ;-)


Urbainxavier said...

Coughing & sneezing are painful... & getting out of bed in the morning is the worst. It has been getting better... instead of yelping when it hurts... I just groan know. The ribcage seems intact... no dents.

Chris said...

Geez, I forget to read your blog for a few weeks, and come back to find out you almost died !

Uh oh, you're in trouble. Kendra is reading this too. She just called you a "twit".